Apartment Essentials for Disabled Renters

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Everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a new apartment to live in. From finding a convenient neighborhood to seeing if the apartment complex meets your standards, looking for an apartment can become very tedious.

However, if you’re someone who is disabled, finding an apartment that fits your special needs is another story. If this is your first time looking for an apartment as a disabled person, you might not know what to look for.

Continue reading to learn the apartment essentials for disabled renters.

Thresholds That Are Flat

One of the first essentials that you should look for in an apartment building are flat thresholds. Flat thresholds makes it easier for people who are in wheelchairs or use walkers to traverse the pathways to and from their apartment. Even something as small as a half inch threshold can be an issue, especially to those who don’t have a lot of mobility.

Wide Doorways

In many cases of disability, people are often in wheelchairs to get around. However, getting it through a door can be a real hassle. Maybe the wheelchair is too big to fit or the doorway is too narrow. Either way, having wider doorways can solve this problem.

There Are No Stairs on The Entryway

You’ll know that an apartment complex is disabled-friendly when there’s no stairs to the entryway. Going up the stairs is not only next to impossible, it’s also extremely dangerous. Instead of stairs, check to make sure that there are ramps that anyone can use. These ramps are often made out of aluminum, wood and even solid concrete.

A Handicap Tub or Shower

This essential is an absolute must for disabled people. Having a handicap shower makes it much easier for disabled renters to clean themselves. A regular shower is a possible option, but this really depends on how disabled the person is. Regular showers are very small and limit a person’s movement, so obviously, these aren’t the best choice for disabled people.

A handicap shower, on the other hand, is very wide with a lot of space to move around. Some of them even have a seat, which greatly minimizes their risk of falling down. If an apartment building doesn’t have one of these showers, then you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

Few Floor Cabinets

Cabinets that are on ground level can actually limit a disabled renter's movement even more. Luckily, you can put in a request to the building's staff to have them taken out even if they come with the apartment. Taking out these cabinets gives disabled people a lot more room to move.

Living as a disabled person is not an easy thing to do and not living in an apartment with the appropriate essentials can make it worse. Be sure to take your time as you search for an apartment with the essentials for disabled people. The more they have, the easier it will be to live normally.

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