10 Apartment Decorating Tips for Your First Place

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Getting your first apartment is quite exciting. One of the many aspects of getting your first place is decorating it. Here are some apartment decorating tips that you can follow.

Posters and Pictures

You can never go wrong with posters and pictures. They are a great way to make your apartment feel cozier, more comfortable and more personal. You can put up whatever images you want to put up. You can put up images of famous people, certain concepts and ideas, your friends, your family members, your pets, landscapes, cities, people and whatever else.


Plants are great for decorating apartments. They add aesthetic appeal and a touch of nature. There are so many different kinds of plants that you can put in your apartment. To boot, plants also clean indoor air. You can have any plant in your apartment—as long as you can tend to its needs.

Styles of Chairs

You can spruce up your apartment by purchasing chairs that have certain appearances. There are so many different types of chairs out there. You can purchase beanbag chairs, blow-up chairs, wooden stools, lawn chairs and whatever else is an option. A lot of style can be expressed in the types of chairs that you have and how they look.

Lights and Lamps

Lights can work wonders when it comes to decorating your apartment. You can get black lights, or lights that constantly change color. There are all kinds of lamps that you can get. For example, you can purchase smaller table lamps, or taller lamps that stand on the ground. Some lamps take one bulb, while others take numerous bulbs and have lights that go in different directions.


Pay attention to the colors of things in your apartment. What mood are you going for? This should determine what colors you include in your apartment. While choosing colors, you should do some research about color psychology. Certain colors mean certain things and make people feel certain moods.


You may want to think about giving your apartment a theme. For example, perhaps you can give your apartment an Asian theme by having furniture styles that are reminiscent of Japanese culture. Other types of themes include seasonal themes, certain feels and certain concepts. There are so many types of themes out there. If you really wanted to, you could make everything pink and fuzzy if you really wanted to.

Smaller Items

If you live in an apartment, you may not have that much space. A great way to decorate your apartment is to downsize on everything that you have in your apartment. For example, have smaller pieces of furniture, smaller tables and smaller appliances. Of course, while purchasing smaller things you can choose items that look good with certain styles. Choosing smaller items is one of the best apartment decorating tips that you can follow because items that are too big can drastically hinder the appearance of an apartment.


One of the best ways to decorate an apartment is to decorate with items that have prints. Things such as bed sheets, wall paper, furniture and curtains can be purchased with prints. Prints can add a lighthearted feel to your apartment and enhance certain appearances and themes.

Storage Items

Purchase storage items that enhance the appearance of your apartment. For example, you can buy hampers made of plastic, wicker, wood and a variety of other materials. They are created in various styles—there isn't one style of hampers. The same holds true for shelves and crates.

Paint Pictures

Another way to spruce up your first place is to paint pictures to post on your walls. The beauty of painting is that you can paint anything you want with any medium. You can go for a photorealistic look, or you can go for a more abstract look.

In conclusion, if you want to decorate your first place you can paint pictures on the walls, find storage items that look a certain way, purchase things with prints on them, post pictures and posters on the walls, purchase smaller items for your apartment, have plants, choose certain color schemes, buy certain styles of chairs and include different types of lights and lamps.

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